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Building Healthy Children Ready to Learn


Nurture Bear™ was created in 1995 to promote “Changing Your Course to a Healthier Lifestyle. This character was developed to use as a positive figure to promote positive traits such as caring, honesty, forgiving, and empathy while teaching the Character Traits of Wellness to children. Nurture Bear™ became a sought-after character and was featured in five books which were authored by children. He also appeared at book-signing for the authors in the states of Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee, and Texas.

The development of the young authors program was created as an avenue to help students develop their writing and communication skills through writing about the importance of making healthy food choices. Since 2003, many of our students have had their books published, and these students have excelled in the fields of education, health, and other professional careers.  They have all become positive role models for other students.