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  Taj's Adventures (Taj Kamal)    
  Jack, The Fox, and Nurture Bear's Mission (Amir Kamal)    
  Sounds of the City (Maliyah LaValle)    
  Butterfly, Nurture Bear, and Me (Zoe N. Zeigler)    
  All About Me (Durman Zolly Jackson IV)    
  The Treasure Hunt (Sarah Hendred-Brzeskiewicz)    
  Hallie B. Alexander & Her 4th Grade Special Opportunities (Teresa Hoard-Jackson)    
  The Big Feast (Marissa Castillo & Rong Hu)    
  My First Day of School (Christyal Holloway-Parker)    
  Amir's Life Experiences (Amir I. Kamal)    
  Superhero "TIK" (Taj I. Kamal)    

Which POSTERS would you like to purchase? :
  Taj's Adventures    
  Jack, The Fox And Nurture Bear's Mission    
  Sounds Of The City    
  Butterfly, Nurture Bear, and Me    
  Nurture Bear Promotes Healthy Lifestyles    
  All We Need is A Director    
  Color Me    
  Help Us Make a Poster    
  Our Books Are "Bear" Help Us Cover Them    
  Give Us A Rap...We've got the Beat    
  Celebrate Your Heritage    

Which EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS would you like to purchase? :
  The Character Traits of Wellness (Activity Workbook)    
  Nurture Bear's Big Feast (Activity Workbook)    
  The Eight Dimensions of Wellness (Activity Workbook)    

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  I have questions    

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