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Amir Issa Kamal, The Author

"I attend the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools in Chicago, Illinois. I am in the second grade, and I love doing third grade reading and math. I also speak, read, and write Spanish. My favorite sports are Basketball, Soccer, Swimming and Bowling. I also love playing games on my iPad and computer, reading, drawing, and writing. I am a member of Nurture Bear's Kids Club and my brother Taj and I have a cOoL bOy GeNiUs (@coolboygenius) Nightly Storytelling Event on Instagram. Our goal is to read 365 books in 2022.

Playing Chess with my Grandpa Bobby and brother Taj is always fun when I visit Mama J and Grandpa Bobby. My favorite card game is Kings on the Corner. I play this game when I visit grandpa Bill and Grandma Claudie.

I love to travel. Some of the places that I have travelled to are Arkansas, Alabama, California, Iowa, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Maryland, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Christmas and Birthdays are special to me because I get lots of gifts, and I spend time with my family and friends."

—Amir Issa Kamal

"Amir is an adventurous and gifted seven-year-old boy. His book is about how his life experiences have molded his life into who he is today. Amir is a creative and avid reader. His goal is to read 365 books in 2022.  As of September 2022, he has already read 154 books. He is always too eager to learn new things and quick to let you know when something does not make sense when he is reading. His ability to process information and integrate it into his road map of life is a Self-Assessment Tool that he uses to understand why Health and Wellness are important to creating a Healthy Lifestyle. As you will see in his new book, Amir’s wheels are always turning in his mind in the search for a new adventure and/or experience. He is a member of the ICONS Foundation’s Young Authors Club and just completed his second book which is non-fiction."

—Claudie L. Phillips
The ICONS Foundation, President

Amir's Books

Amir's Life Experiences

Amir's book is about his life experiences and how his grandmother taught him how to use the Eight Dimensions of Wellness principles as a roadmapt to writing his story. The Eight Dimensions of Wellness that he has used to have a healthy and happy life are: Spiritual Wellness, Physical Wellness, Nutritional Wellness, Mental/Emotional Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Social Wellness, Environmental Wellness, and Financial Wellness.

Jack, The Fox And Nurture Bear's Mission

Amir's story is about Jack, the Fox, and Nurture Bear. Jack is always searching for something. He first meets a fox while walking in the forest. Jack and the Fox decides to search for a secret shell. Just as they start on their mission, Jack notices something behind the tree. That was when they met Nurture Bear. Jack asked Nurture Bear if he would like to join them. Nurture Bear said, "Yes, yes, and yes!" So, the three of them continued to search for other treasures and adventures and because friends forever in the end.