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Marissa Castillo, The Author

Marissa Castillo, co-author of “The Big Feast!” is a former graduate of the Young Author’s Program (ICONSworks) sponsored by The ICONS Foundation in 2007. Marissa attended Agassiz Elementary School in Chicago, Illinois and was the Grand Prize winner of The Preferred Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Program sponsored by Preferred Meal Systems in conjunction with The ICONS Foundation. Participating in the Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Program qualified her to become a candidate for the Young Authors Program. Marissa partnered with another student to author their book. Their book uses the character Nurture Bear to show the Character Traits of Wellness.

—Claudie L. Phillips
The ICONS Foundation, President

Marissa's Book

The Big Feast

By Marissa Castillo

The Big Feast was written by Marissa Castillo & Rong Hu, two of our first generation authors through the ICONS Foundation. Created by Claudie Phillips. Illustrated by: Kelly Hess.

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