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Taj Immanuel Kamal, The Author

"I attend the University of Chicago Laboratory School in Chicago, Illinois. Taj is in the third grade and is currently reading at the fourth-grade level. I speak and read Spanish and enjoy playing outside sports. I am a published author of two books and co-host a Storytelling Podcast (Nighty Night) on Instagram each night. Tune into cOoL bOy GeNiUs (@coolboygenius) on Instagram to see me and my brother Amir live. Our goal is to read 365 books in 2022. I am also featured in the March/April Issue of Chicago Parent Magazine for a recipe that my brother and I created.

My busy schedule includes traveling, music, art, and acting classes. I enjoy playing the following sports:  Basketball, soccer, swimming, bowling, and golf. In my spare time I play chess and Kings on the Corner with his grandparents. I am a member of The ICONS Foundation Young Authors Club and has just completed publishing my second book. My new book is a fiction and I give interpretation of the Character Traits of Wellness through my characters Superhero “TIK” and Side-Kick Nurture Bear.

Since becoming an author, I have explored many exciting opportunities. I auditioned in a talent search competition and was accepted to participate in an acting school; I have just completed my second book. “Superhero TIK and his Sidekick Nurture Bear; Completed my second year in Elementary School, co-host a nightly Instagram Story-Telling Podcast called cOoLbOyGeNiUs; Celebrated my 8th Birthday; Sold over 100 copies of my first book; Opened a Savings Account; and read over 250 books."

—Taj I. Kamal

"Taj Immanuel Kamal is an extremely adventurous eight-year-old boy! He attends the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools in Chicago, Illinois. He is in the first grade and is currently reading and math at the third-grade level. Taj speaks and reads Spanish and enjoys playing the following sports: basketball, soccer, and swimming. He is a member of The ICONS foundation Young Authors Club and is in the process of writing his second book, which is fiction."
—Claudie L. Phillips
The ICONS Foundation, President

Taj's Books

Superhero "TIK"

Taj's book is about his character Superhero TIK and his Sidekick Nurture Bear (NB).  The story is about how he and his character NB demonstrate and show examples of how to develop positive Character Traits and how to identify negative Character Traits. Their mission is to save the world from danger by showing others examples of how to be a good person. Click the button below to contact us to Order!

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Taj's Adventures

Taj Immanuel Kamal is an extremely adventurous seven year old boy! Follow along as he shares some of the exciting adventures that he has experienced during the last seven years! Through his travel, continually active family life, school, and other extracurricular activities, you will get a glimpse of what it is like to know Taj as a son, grandson, brother, friend, nephew, cousin, and student. Click the button below to contact us to Order!

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