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Become An Author with Our Young Authors Program

Our Young Authors Program is a comprehensive Personal Development and Literacy Program designed to help students discover that their acres of diamonds can be found within themselves.  This program focuses on what we call the Seven Dimensions of Wellness and Stages of Change Theory.  The Seven Dimensions of Wellness provides a conceptual framework for behavior change related to food behaviors and academic achievement impacting the national obesity and literacy issues. 

Children are, by nature, trusting and adventurous.  They look to parents and other mentors to nurture them and lead them in the right direction.  Our Young Author’s program helps children develop a sense of positive self-esteem, stimulates a child’s imagination through writing and interacting with others as they become positive role models for each other.

Facilitated by a team of educational experts, our program teaches basic life skills – including making healthy food choices, healthy cooking, physical activity, character building, etiquette, hygiene, and citizenship, creative writing, and computer technology.  Our proven learning system is designed to help students to become published authors. Children write about their experiences and offer solutions to current issues facing today’s youth and family life.

Young Authors Program

Our character Nurture Bear™ along with other characters that are created by our young authors, are used in our Young Authors Program.  Attached I have provided with pictures of books that were written by our first five authors. These books, developed and written by the students, will provide useful information on enhancing life skills - including making healthy food choices, character building, etiquette, hygiene, and citizenship.  Our proven learning system is designed to include total school and community involvement.  Children receive the same message from mentors at home, school and away from home, reinforcing each lesson taught through real-life experiences.  This program allows parents to work side by side with their children as they learn basic lifelong skills as they grow to become productive citizens in society.

How To Become The Next Author

  1. Become a member of The ICONS Foundation ($50 for Individual Membership)
  2. Nurture Bear Kids Club ($25.00 for Children Grades – 3rd – 12th)
  3. Participate in The ICONS Foundation Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Contest to qualify for acceptance into the Young Authors Program. Grand Prize Winners for each grade level will be selected.
    • Grade Levels – 3rd – 5th Grade - Poster Contest (What Wellness Means to Me)
    • Grade Levels – 6th – 8th Grade - Rap Lyrics Contest (What is a Healthy Lifestyle)
    • Grade Levels – 9th -12th Grade - Essay Contest (Developing Your own Brand Identity)
  4. The deadline for Contest Entries will be March 31, 2022.



New Young Authors

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Jack, The Fox & Nurture Bear's Mission
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Taj Kamal, Author - 
Taj's Adventures
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Zoe Zeigler, Author - 
Butterfly, Nurture Bear & Me
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Maliyah LaValle, Author - 
Sounds Of The City
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