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Maliyah LaValle, The Author

"My name is Maliyah LaValle. I live in Leesburg, Virginia. My mother is DeAna, my dad is Michael, and my little sister is Maya.

My favorite holiday is Christmas. My family and I celebrate Christmas by spending the entire day in our matching pajamas, having brunch at my house, and then we open presents and listen to Christmas Carols. During the summer, I spend time together at my Grammy and grandad's house. We do activities like games, coloring, biking and we host and attend lots of cookouts. 

I always have so much fun hanging out with my family! We all like to ride bikes, love Adidas and like the same music. I also love talking to my friends and playing games. Because of COVID-19, I have not been able to do all the fun activities with my friends, and that makes me sad. I am always fun, willing to help others, and I am always asking questions."

—Maliyah LaValle

"Maliyah LaValle is an extremely talented and gifted ten-year-old girl! She has a surprising emotional depth and sensitivity and keen sense of curiosity at such an early age.

Maliyah attends John W. Tolbert Elementary School in Leesburg, Virginia. She is in the fifth grade and is one of five students participating in the second generation of The ICONS Foundation Young Authors Program."

—Claudie L. Phillips
The ICONS Foundation, President

Maliyah's Book

Sounds Of The City

"Sounds Of The City" is an intriguing story about a girl named Skai Wilson. The story mostly takes place in New York and is fiction. Skai lives with her mom, Dad, and her younger brother Jay. Skai wants to pursue her dream of becoming a famous trumpet player but loses focus of her education. When Skai was nine, her parents banned her from music because she was too focused on music and was getting bad grades. On Skai's 10th birthday, her parents went to wake Skai up, but she was gone. Skai went to her grandma's house because her grandma knew what loving music was like. This book is in production. Click the button below to contact us to Order!