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Christyal Holloway-Parker, The Author

At 8 years old, I was presented the opportunity to undergo mentorship and author a book for The ICONS Foundation. The opportunity to experience empowerment as an African American female at an early age was one that I could not decline. The ICONS Foundation promoted and uplifted education, living an active lifestyle, and the power of making healthy choices. All these concepts were important to me early on as an aspiring student athlete. From the moment I was given the freedom to author the book until my last stop on my book tour, I was included in every step of the process and granted control to voice my opinions. Success for me was seeing the framework of my writing, finalized with illustrations, come together.

I did not realize the extent of success in the eyes of others until another girl my age expressed wanting to do the same things one day. It was at that moment I learned that representation matters. In my career now as a sport administrator at the secondary level, I am still able to promote the very same values that The ICONS Foundations emphasized.

I would encourage other students to experience life outside of their comfort zone. No matter what phase of life you are in, the fruits of labor from discomfort are worth it long term. While working with The ICONS Foundation, you can expect to come in with a vision and exit with a heightened sense of purpose.

Christyal Holloway-Parker
Executive Assistant—Arkansas Activities Association

Christyal's Book

My First Day of School

By Christyal Holloway-Parker

My First Day of School was written by Christyal Holloway, one of our first generation authors through the ICONS Foundation. Created by Claudie Phillips. Illustrated by: Josh Farkas.

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