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Zoe N. Zeigler, The Author

"My family is me, my dog (Coco), my mom Kelly Zeigler and dad (Aaron Zeigler).

I enjoy spending lots of time with my family on my favorite holidays, which are Christmas and the Fourth of July. Both days have pretty lights! For Christmas, we buy presents and cook really good food together. My favorite is making cookies with my grandma! On the Fourth of July one year, my cousins came over and we swam in our pool before the fireworks.

Some things that make me happy are swimming, riding my scooter, painting, playing golf, and baking with my grandma Linda. Words that describe my personality are smart, kind, generous, silly and loyal. Sometimes people say I'm shy, but that is not really true."

—Zoe N. Zeigler

"Zoe attends St. Mary's IB World School in Aliso Viejo, California. She is in the second grade and loves spending time with her grandma Linda and grandpa Freeman. Art, painting, and drawing are some of many hobbies of Zoe's. She provided sketches of everything that she wanted to include in her book. Zoe is one of the first five students participating in the second generation of The ICONS Foundation Young Authors."
—Claudie L. Phillips
The ICONS Foundation, President

Zoe's Book

Butterfly, Nurture Bear, and Me

Zoe Nicole Zeigler is an amazing and extremely talented, and gifted seven-year-old girl! She loves nature and has a vivid imagination when exploring the world around her. "Butterfly, Nurture Bear and Me" is a beautiful story of how Zoe speaks through her characters about the important of Physical, Mental, Intellectual and Social Wellness are just a few of the Dimensions of Wellness that Zoe shares with you as she describes how the rainbow of color and what it means to her. Zoe states that when she sees people, butterflies, bears and food, she thinks about how they are unique, very special and important no matter what color they are. Click on the button below to contact us to Order!