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Amir's Life Experiences - by Amir I. Kamal

Amir's book is about his life experiences and how his grandmother has taught him how to use The Eight Dimensions of Wellness principles as a roadmap to writing his story. Below, he has listed The Eight Dimensions of Wellness that he has used to have a healthy and happy life:

1. Spiritual Wellness – I am spiritually well because I say my prayers each day and I know right from wrong, and I feel good about myself.

2. Physical Wellness – I am physically well because I play the sports listed below: Swimming, Soccer, basketball, bowling, and Golf. I also ride my bike and work out in the exercise room. My mom takes me to the dentist and doctor for regular checkups so we can stay physically well.

3. Nutritional Wellness – I am nutritionally well because I like eating healthy fruits like strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and apples. I like to eat healthy vegetables like brussel sprouts, beets, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and French fries. Some healthy meats that I like to eat are chicken tenders, salmon, meatloaf, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are also healthy. I also like to cook healthy foods. I like to drink lots of water because it does not have sugar.

4. Mental/Emotional Wellness – I am mentally and emotionally well because I have good thoughts about myself and others. I am almost always happy. Sometimes I get excited, but I always calm down. I also cry when it is an emotion like a cry of joy.

5. Intellectual Wellness – I am intellectually well because I like to read books and play chess. I also like listening to the news and music. My brother Taj and I have an Instagram Nighty Night Story Telling reading. Our goal is to read 365 books this year. Visit us on Instagram each night at cOoLbOyGeNiUs to hear our stories.

6. Social Wellness – I am Socially Well because I like being around people and I have lots of friends. I like going to places and learning about cities, states, and countries.

7. Environmental Wellness – I am environmentally well because I like to pick up the paper on the ground when I am playing outside and enjoying nature. Like living in a safe neighborhood and surrounding myself with people that also want to be in a safe environment.

8. Financial Wellness – I have a savings account for my future. I make lots of money from my book sales and I sometimes get money for my birthday and other occasions.

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